Corporate Governance

Good corporate governance has been the vital foundation of the Company's well-being, the key to our continuing success, and central to our bright prospects for future advancement.

We are committed to improving the quality of corporate governance so as to ensure better transparency and protection of shareholders' interest in general. The Board believes that good corporate governance practices are increasingly important for maintaining and promoting investor confidence and for stable growth of the Group.

Audit committee

We have established an audit committee to review and supervise the financial reporting process and internal control systems of our Group.

Audit Committee Members

Mr. TANG Zeping (chairman)
Mr. HUNG Ka Hai Clement
Mr. DAI Yang

Remuneration Committee

We have established a remuneration committee and its function include the formulation and the recommendation to the Board on our Company’s policy and structures for all remuneration of our Directors and senior management of our Company, the establishment of a formal and transparent procedure for developing policy on remuneration, the determination of specific remuneration packages of all executive Directors and senior management and review and recommendation to our Shareholders.

Remuneration Committee Members

Mr. TANG Zeping (chairman)
Mr. Kevin Cheng Wei 
Mr. HUNG Ka Hai Clement

Nomination Committee

We have established a nomination committee to make recommendations to the Board regarding candidates to fill vacancies on the Board.

Nomination Committee Members

Mr. Kevin Cheng Wei (chairman)
Mr. TANG Zeping
Mr. HUNG Ka Hai Clement 
Mr. DAI Yang

Risk Management Committee

We have established a risk management committee and adopted its written terms of reference on 31 August 2016. The primary functions of the Risk Management Committee are to review and assess the effectiveness of the Company’s risk management systems and proposed changes thereto, to identify, measure, manage and/or control risks.

Risk Management Committee Members

Mr. HUNG Ka Hai Clement (chairman)
Mr. YAN Qingjiang
Mr. DAI Yang


Memorandum and Articles of Association
Terms of Reference of the Audit Committee 
Terms of Reference of the Nomination Committee
Terms of Reference of the Remuneration Committee
Terms of Reference of the Risk Management Committee 

Procedures for a Shareholder to Propose a Candidate for Election as a Director